Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wisconsin: what's the deal?

So I live in Wisconsin; in fact, I'm a student there. Directly affected by the ridiculousness of the current situation in Madison. I personally feel that government employees are causing much turmoil about little if anything. The WORST CASE scenario is that they MAYBE will lose their jobs. The amendment to state education that the governor proposed will shift the system to a much more meritocratic state; that is, those who show poor performance in their teaching ability will, in effect, be ousted from their positions; however, this is the case so that the education system may be streamlined to offer students the greatest capacity to learn. Teachers who prove themselves able and skilled in their profession will likely earn much more than teachers' mean salary today, empowering possible future educators to enter into the profession. This survival-of-the-fittest mentality has been the Conservative platform from its creation, and it is more than likely to raise education standard in Wisconsin. Hopefully this will catch on throughout the country; the USA is something like 26th  in student aptitude in the wold. This is sad. I'm glad at least something is being done, even if it seems to be only about the money.


  1. I also goto UW-Madison. And I don't think this bill will be rewarding the teachers who perform better than their peers in the classroom. If anything it cuts their salaries the same amount.

  2. interesting insight, glad to hear your perspective as someone who is directly affected.